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Our Weapons of Choice : RED Digital Cinema Cameras


Picking up a RED Cinema Camera isn’t a light decision. The cost alone keeps many away from investing into this system, but that’s part of why we decided to move forward with it. It’s an investment. Not just into one of the top camera systems of all time, but because it was an investment in our clients, in the projects we are tasked to create, in ourselves.

A RED Cinema Camera is no laughing manner. This camera has some serious specs and is a workhorse to boot. It’s been the dream of our Creative Director, Russell, to pick one of these up and when we finally got our hands on it, the timing was perfect. Since getting this camera in our hands, we’ve been able to create some amazing content.

We wanted to give you some additional, specific reasons why we picked up a RED Cinema Camera. This way you know exactly what our system can do for you - and you’re not shocked when we show up with a really big camera. We’ve included some images so you can get an understanding of just how impactful this system can be in the world of content creation.

The first reason we picked up a RED is because of the size. They are small, powerful cameras. Ironically, they aren’t much bigger than a consumer DSLR camera system, but they allow us to get angles, areas, and shots that a bigger camera just can’t do. Also, the smaller the size, the easier it is to keep the weight down. This helps us for when we’re hiking to remote locations.  

The second reason we picked up a RED is because of the images these babies create. RED cameras are often ranked the top image in the industry, being used everywhere from Major Film Productions in Hollywood to Amazon jungles shooting for National Geographic to space stations outside of our atmosphere for NASA.

These RED cameras have an awesome Modular Design, meaning they are easily transformable. Need to shoot on a tripod for some interviews? Peace of cake. Need to throw the camera on a gimbal to get a long shot? No problem! Need to put the camera in a Shotover gimbal to capture aerial footage? Done and done. Want to record something underwater? Throw it in a housing and watch it work it’s magic.

Not only are these cameras designed to do just about anything, but the workflow this system uses is amazing. The secret of why this camera is amazing is the way it renders/sees color and light. This ability to see and differentiate color and light so well is what makes their images truly unique. Add in some killer dynamic range (how much light this camera sees in shadows or overblown scenes) and you’ve got an truly one-of-a-kind image.

RED cameras uses color science which shoes true-to-life colors and backs them up with 16 Bit RAW Recording to make sure all of the color information necessary is there. This helps with color correction and grading in post production, which may be necessary depending on your project. This system works with 16.5 stops of dynamic range (most consumer cameras and DSLR systems get about 10 stops).

This is a camera that’s widely used and known in the content creation industry. This camera is used on all kinds of big name productions and in a wide range of environments. While the cameras get better every year, this system is one we never see ourselves switching from. We will upgrade, add more accessories, and play with lenses, but a RED camera will always be our go-to camera. Our clients deserve the best and RED cameras allow us to give it to them.

Below is a video produced by Red Digital Cinema to show off the cameras and explain why so of the top brands in the world trust RED as their camera of choice. 

Russell Johnston