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Darktide Housings


Darktide Housings

Here at Reef Creative we love the ocean, I mean look at our name.


Take Your Red to New Places

Overall our goal with this new housing was to build a housing that was simple, small, and stands out in a marketplace that already has some amazing products. We didnt want rewrite the book on underwater housings, we wanted to if anything make them simple for those that have never used one, make them cheaper for those who dont need full on power house housings, and make them ….

Built for Diving - Sized for Surf

One of the best things about our DSMC2 housing is how small it is. It can fit along with a camera in a carry on case for flying. Our goal was to make a simple housing that could be used for a wide variety of jobs yet still go deeper then any surf housing for those that need to get the shot.

Ports, Ports, and more Ports

We didn’t want to rewrite the book and make you get all new ports, instead we looked at the market and look at what kind of ports we wanted in front of our camera. In the end we ended up going with a Sea&Sea port design. They have made a very solid system that allows a wide range of domes and ports to be used. Plus you can adapt Natuicam and Nexus Ports with no issues!